Christian Treatment Center Oregon

Christian Treatment Center Oregon

Freedom from Addiction at Christian Treatment Center Oregon


Addiction to alcohol and drugs is taking its toll all over the world. This disease destroys families, ruins friendships, causes people to lose feelings of self-esteem and self-worth, and become unemployable. Some people who have tried to overcome addiction on their own have found that this is not something that can be dealt with alone. Christian Treatment Center Oregon has learned that in order to overcome addiction a person needs help from professionals, and The Lord Jesus Christ our Savior.

Having the ability to say that everything is fine despite negative consequences is called denial. People suffering from denial have a hard time seeing the truth and can often convince themselves that they are doing well while everything is crashing down around them. Family members and loved ones notice that there is a problem before the addicted person in cases of denial. During times like these Christian Alcohol Rehab has in Intervention Program that can offer assistance for family members seeking help a for a loved one’s disease.

We invite you to call us at, toll free at 866-211-5538 or send an e-mail to talk with our help center and we can help you move forward.

A Christian Intervention Specialist from Christian Substance Abuse Treatment comes and meets with the family. During this meeting the family is encouraged to share feelings, thoughts and fears. The Intervention Specialist makes note of this information and plans a meeting with the family and their loved one. During this meeting the family expresses their worries and concern while the Intervention Specialist mediates. At the end of the meeting the addicted person is told about the program and encouraged to try treatment.


Once the patient agrees to come to treatment, they discuss the options with an intake coordinator from Christian Treatment Center and together choose the program that is right. Mornings begin with a daily devotional prayer and meditation group. In this group patients are guided through prayer and meditation and taught how to establish a connection with god. Patients are brought to church during off campus outings which gives patients a chance to form Christian supports outside of the facility and to connect with the Christian Fellowship. Scripture readings and Bible study takes place at the facility and teaches patients a new set of morals and values to use in their everyday live. A pastor is also available to provide guidance, security and direction when needed.

Different forms of therapy take place at Christian Drug and Alcohol Programs Oregon. One on one therapy gives patients an opportunity to share private details of their life in a private secure setting and assists in building trust with another person. Group therapy helps patient learn to identify with their peers and realize that they are not alone in facing the issues they are having. Family therapy is offered and encouraged to teach positive communication skills that can lead to a closer knit family unit. If you or someone you know is struggling with an addiction, then contact Christian Treatment Center Oregon to start a new beginning.

How Can We Help You?

Sometimes, the hardest step can be in just making a call to a treatment center or helpline — but it is the right step. Contact us by e-mail or call us at, toll free, 866-211-5538 for more information, we are here to help you and your loved ones and we want to help you.